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Google + IXDA Event on Designing for India

IxDA and bunch of curious folks from Google Next Billion Users team are putting together an amazing evening for us to chat, listen and discuss upon designing for the Indian context.

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Conference + Networking


27 July 2018

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It was Friday evening. I was very excited about this event because it was my first ever design conference plus it was in the Google office. For entry, they gave a Google event ID to everyone who was attending. This was a first time I saw Google office from inside and it was amazing. The overall event was successful.

Speakers for this event

Garen Checkley (Design Strategy, Google NBU)

Muzayun Mukhtar (Researcher, Google NBU)

Anshumani Ruddra (Ex-Chief Product Officer of Cuemath, Practo)

Vidit Aatrey (Founder & CEO of Meesho)

Garen Checkley on "Gender equity in technology"

According to his research, There are 48% of women in India who are familiar with technology and only 29% of women in India are internet users. He also talked about research practices which include balanced gender ratios, neutral locations, and women only groups.

He introduced the gender equity framework that depends on 4 factors:

1. Access

To explain this factor, he discussed subtopics like banned access, improved reputation, increase convenience, etc.

2. Content & Community

To explain this factor, he discussed subtopics like relevant local content, biased data-driven decisions, support creation, popular & stigmatized content discovery, etc.

3. Privacy

To explain this factor, he discussed subtopics like shared meditated monitoring, portray digital privacy, maintain the privacy when sharing, algorithmic distraction, phone number used as a identity, etc.

4. Safety

To explain this factor, he discussed subtopics like demand, modification, deception, excessive noise, etc.

Muzayun Mukhtar on "Designing for Trust"

According to her research, we as a designer should focus intentionally on achieving trust. She says that there can be a mistrust among people about your product because of 4 reasons: Unknown Fear, Blind trust, Bad UX, low bandwidth, etc.

To build the trust among the people you have to do certain things:

1. Support local languages

2. Keep promise that you made with the user

3. Tell truth to your user

4. Collect only necessary information

5. Terms of service

6. Voice & graphics - personality

7. Social proof in extreme scenarios of loss of trust

Anshumani Ruddra on "Design for India"

He gave 5 statements on designing for India:

1. You will never design for whole of India, but only a very small segments of it

2. Be aware of your priviledge. You & your user have very little in common

3. Design languages are not as universal as you think they are

4. Dominant products become the lingua franca of design. Don't fight but evolve

5. Focus on what users do, but never lose sight of what users say. Deliver on needs, but build of aspirations

He also explained the cuemath for "Designing for Indian Parents":

Vidit Aatrey on "Become online entreprenuer without any investment"

He talked about his startup, "Mesho" which is funded by YCombinator.

According to him, we should solve the problem of someone who can not solve for themselves.

To become a successful online entrepreneur, he gives 4 important tips:

1. Stop assuming, start listening to users

2. Build productize trust. (Under commit, over deliver)

3. Communicate with the users more frequently

4. As an entrepreneur, you should ask yourself, what motivates you? and what will motivate you to do more?

After the individual speech, all 4 speakers came on stage for QnA. That session was also a fun session. After the QnA, there was a networking section where I got to meet so many designers from different companies. This was the first time I was in a designers event and that's why I was so excited to meet other designers. It really helped me to grow my professional connections. There was a special dinner from Google. After dinner, they gave 1 sticker and 1 Google T-shirt which was specially created for this event with the theme, "Designing for India." This was the end of a memorable event. Below I am showing some pics from this event.

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Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it.

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