LPG Utility

Project Statement:

Design an android app for LPG services that provides advanced facilities and booking service for users.

Project Brief:

In India, sometimes we face problems like LPG refilling, gas leaking, etc. at that time, we call the LPG store manager via a toll-free number and after some time our request gets accepted. It’s a time-consuming process. If the problems are related to the subsidy, bank details, surrender connection, there is a lengthy process of submitting documents, verifying address, etc. Some people in India don’t know the Giveitup scheme, PAHAL Scheme, etc. People have very less information about these facilities and services. People don’t know the math/equation of receiving amount to a bank for the subsidy.

Project Goal:

The goal of the project is to give all the facilities and information user need and make this system digitalized.

Bussiness Goals:

1. Our goal is to make the LPG service system digitalized so that anyone can use the app with proper information about the actions/operations they are performing.

2. Our goal is to provide all services to all users (connected with any distributors) online like booking LPG, mechanical services, tracking your LPG/mechanic, etc. so that they don't need to visit service provider store again and again to perform these tasks.

User Research:

The main focus of user research is to solve the problems of end users that are related to product/app so that we can target maximum numbers of people who need this app.


Most targeted user base: age between 25 to 55, All the housewives, parents, youngsters, who can perform these tasks are included in this user base.

Knowledge and technological experience:

All users in targeted user base are educated and have used:
1. Smartphones
2. Computers.

Work Type:

Case Study (Individual)


Feb 2017 - Mar 2017 (2 Months)


Ashish Durgude (UX/UI Designer)

Tools Used:

User Segmentation:

User Segmentation categorized into 2 categories:

Primary Users:

Age group: 33 to 60
Expected users: parents, working professionals, etc.

Secondary Users:

Age group: 25 to 32
Expected users: youngsters, working professionals, etc.

Methods of Research:

1. Data gathering using the internet:

Links used for collecting data about LPG Service system:

B. Give up Subsidy:



C. LPG Price details(with/without subsidy):


D. Linking the bank account to LPG Subsidy:


2. Questionnaire for users:

A. Who is your service provider?

B. How do you book LPG?

C. When you have some problems like gas leaking, etc.then what do you do? How?

D. Do you know about subsidy?

E. Does your LPG connection is subsidized?

F. Do you have any problem with your service distributor?

G. Did you surrender your connection before? How?

H. What difficulties did you face in procedures of surrendering the connection?

I. Do you support Give it up Scheme? If yes, How?

3. Questionnaire for LPG store managers:

A. What documents do you require when a user applies for new connection? Or for changing service provider?

B. Did you face problems like finding the user home in the particular area or the user is not responding when mechanic reached the destination?

C. Which days are the stores closed?

D. If some user wants to surrender connection for some reasons, what is the procedure?

E. How many workers in your store uses the smartphone? Does your delivery boy familiar with smartphones?

F. How many users are connected to your store?

Competitive Analysis:


1. The app must have consistency.

2. The app must have one Identical UI for all the actions and operations of the app.

3. The app must have online payment service with inbuilt payment gateways.

4. The app should follow broad and shallow structure(more links, fewer clicks).

5. The app should follow all possible heuristics.

6. The app must have User-Centered design.


1. Book LPG online with the real-time tracking system.

2. Notifications for all the activities.

3. Mechanical Service.

4. Online payment with an inbuilt payment gateway.

5. All the services provided by service providers.

6. Professional and identical UI for all activities with verified data.

User Scenarios:

User scenario 1:

Mr. Mohan is a professional and great parent. He wanted to book LPG cylinder. He called the LPG manager via phone call but that was a time-consuming process. He wanted to book cylinder without talking and with less effort. Then his child told him about the app “LPG Utility”. He used the app for the first time. It was easy to create an account. After login, when he looked at the home page, he was happy because he could do all the activities listed in homepage especially booking LPG in fewer steps with online payment using an inbuilt payment gateway. He booked LPG and tracked the LPG using real-time tracking system provided in the app.

User scenario 2:

Our Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi gave a speech about Give it up scheme. By this scheme, poor peoples will get LPG connection in their houses. Mrs. Rekha was so inspired by this scheme and wanted to give up subsidy, but she didn’t have much knowledge about it. Her neighbor told her about the app “LPG Utility”. She created an account and after successful login, she clicked on to give up subsidy option from the homepage. When she clicked on that option, she got all the details about the process and some videos about this scheme in an efficient way. When she got enough information, she clicked on “Give up subsidy” button. She successfully did this task without any confusions. Now she is one of the great peoples who gave up their subsidy to help poor peoples.

User scenario 3:

Mr. Ambrish Gujar is a parent. He found that there is gas leaking problem. He called the LPG manager via phone call but that was the time-consuming process. He got irritated and scared. His neighbor friend helped him. That neighbor applied for mechanical service by using my app “LPG Utility”. he clicked on mechanical service option and selected gas leaking problem service. After applying, the mechanic came in less than 10 mins and solved the problem. After solving the problem he thanked his friend and asked about the app. Now Mr. Ambrish uses LPG Utility app all the time when there is anything related to LPG Services.

Task Analysis:

Task 01: Booking LPG cylinder

Task 02: Checking status and tracking order

Task 03: See order receipts

Task 04: Mechanical service

Task 05: Give up subsidy

Task 06: Surrendering LPG connection

Task 07: My distributor


For LPG Utility, I have created a storyboards which will explain the use cases of this application.

Information Architecture:


Visual Designs:

InVision Prototype:

Specs & Assets:

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