More Than Work/Events - TCO18 India Regional Event 2018

TCO18 India Regional Event 2018

The Topcoder Open (TCO) is our annual online and onsite tournament to celebrate and reward the community. TCO encompasses everyday competitions at Topcoder and adds points to them. While you’re competing, you’re earning TCO points and more potential prizes as well as trips to the TCO Finals in Dallas, Texas, USA at the Southfork Ranch November 13-16, 2018

TCO now has smaller regional events around the world. The goal of these regional events is to bring the TCO to more Topcoder members. Regional TCO events are one or two day events including some form of competition with prizes (for example, a hackathon), food and drink, networking opportunities, and fun.

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Competition + Networking


21 July 2018

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Recap of TCO18 India Regional Event

My Experience

It was saturday morning. on friday, I had a trip with Red Hat team and that's why I was so tired and still, I woke up early on Saturday. That morning, I decided that I have to win today because I have sacrificed my most precious thing, my sleep for competition.

The event was going to start at 8:30 AM at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. I reached there by 8:00 AM. I was so excited because this was my 1st ever onsite design competition. By 9:00 AM, I got checked in and started waiting for the design challenge. Adam Morehead introduced the design challenge topic at 10:30 AM and said that design competition will start at 11:00 AM. The design challenge was for 5 hours (from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM). The topic was,

Design an application for homeowners so they can manage their trash/garbage disposal with "On-demand" trash pickup.

See more details here

From 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, I did intense research on this topic. I have gone through so many websites related to this topic to collect data. I searched for a similar type of application so that I can perform a quick competitive analysis. I wrote down all the important points and started doing a rough sketch of my design solution. At 12:00 PM, I started to design my application.

Time went really fast. At 3:45 PM, I decided to stop designing application. I made a marvelapp prototype from screens that I created. In last 5 minutes, I submitted my design to topcoder with a hope that I will win today.

As per schedule, the award ceremony was on 5:30 PM. Till 5:40 PM, I decided to explore the event. Below are some images from the event.

Now it was time for an award ceremony. Price distribution started based on challenge categories like development, design, etc. For prize distribution of design challenge, Adam came on stage. There were 20 designers who participated in this competition from all over India. from 20 designers, adam selected top 5 designers and told them to come on the stage. For all 5 designers, he gave a feedback on their design. Below is the image where adam was giving me feedback on my design.

After giving feedback to all 5 designers, he first announced the 2nd place winner name, "Rajesh Rathod". Finally, that moment came when he announced that,

"1st price winner for UI design challenge is Ashish Durgude"

I was on a cloud 9 when everyone started clapping for me. It was an unforgettable moment. It was a huge thing for me because I won first price in first ever onsite competition in India. I was so proud of myself.

After the award ceremony, we took a group photo with all topcoder competitors.

That's the end of this beautiful and inspirational event. I did not get the chance to go for TCO18 finals in Dallas, Texas. The reason is, in 2018, I have only competed once. Other topcoder competitors were competing from very long time. since I was new to TCO competitions, I didn't know the main rule. The main rule is no. of times you win 1st price, you get points. Let's say 1 win = 1 point. Like that, I had only 1 point for TCO18. That's why I didn't qualify for finals but now I know the drill and I will definitely start preparing for TCO19.

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Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it.

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